May 26, 2016

Dos and Don’ts of Handling Customer Complaints

April 20, 2016 Rachel Craig

Customer complaints are inevitable. Most of them are genuine and warranted, whilst some of them are not. Despite what we have always been told, the customer is not always right, but you need to handle complaints as if this were true! Regardless of the reason, complaints must be all dealt […]

The most important questions to make your marketing work

February 10, 2016 Tim Peter

Succeeding at marketing these days really isn’t that hard. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it takes some effort, along with time, money, and resources. But most marketing plans follow a fairly straightforward path that depends on developing high-quality content and getting that content in front of customers on mobile, search, […]

Does your business play to its strengths?

December 23, 2015 Jim Connolly

It’s a great time to own a small business. We know that small and medium-sized businesses enjoy some clear advantages over big businesses. The key advantage, is that small businesses can be extremely agile. For example: Small business owners can get an idea in the morning, work on it that […]

Collaboration Apps Create New Issues For SMB Productivity

November 24, 2015 Guest Author

Bummer! A new study proves the age-old complaint: Employees hate email. But if you’re thinking about adopting newer collaboration apps to squash the complaints — think again. Switching out email for multiple collaboration apps is creating a whole new mess or what a few are calling “collaboration paradox.” To get […]

Small Business SEO Checklist – 8 Layman Steps for Success!

October 28, 2015 Navneet Kaushal

It is extremely important for the small businesses to execute a strategic SEO campaign to be successful. When it comes to digital marketing channels, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most cost-effective options for the small businesses. Here is an insightful infographic by CJG Digital Marketing on crucial steps […]

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