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March 27th, 2008 by Michael Jensen

I’m excited to announce a new free service I developed for local businesses, Local Search is one of the newest verticals in the search industry bringing with it the convergence of offline (local) businesses and online search. has a real solution to one of the biggest problems facing local businesses: online customer reviews.

Problem: Local businesses have difficulties getting online reviews from offline customers.

Solution: helps local businesses to get authentic, online reviews from their customers by giving a coupon for leaving feedback at a review site, and pointing the customer directly to one of the review sites.
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Businesses Benefit From Yahoo Map Upgrade

March 13th, 2008 by Janet Meiners

Yahoo! has announced improvements to Yahoo Local Maps. They’ve added more data and made the maps easier to read.

Yahoo says there are more changes to come, but here are some of the changes so far:

  • New Neighborhood Data –

    300 cities with new neighborhood data added throughout North America, from Palo Alto, to Chicago, to Toronto, etc.
  • More data in Eastern Europe
  • New highlighted interest points like: schools, rest areas, ski resorts, etc.
  • Additional shaded relief levels worldwide
  • City label density increased for better usability
  • Lighter map tiles – with an average of 30-60% reduction in size

Hopefully some of those changes in the future will be to improve the local business listings – adding more and refining the searches. I’m still a fan of Google Maps, because I think it’s easier to use and the results are more relevant. For example, I typed “restaurants” in Yahoo Maps and there were only six listings and one was a place that rented chocolate fountains. Read the rest of this entry »

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Staying Successful In A Startup

March 3rd, 2008 by Brajeshwar Oinam

What motivates entrepreneurs? Money? Control? In truth, some entrepreneurs are expecting to get rich. Others want to grow and control a new venture. But most would probably answer – both – and in the process of mixing the two, ended up with neither.

Few days back, I read about Harvard Business School’s (Working Knowledge) articles that address a number of nagging founder-issues – ownership and change of control, resource management and getting to profitability, common legal sand traps – via FoundRead’s article on Sharpening Your Startup Skills.

I understand that the art of successfully staying alive in a startup, moving ahead with achievement of one’s goal have varied ways, methodologies and beliefs depending on how and what one is involved with, nonetheless, the handy kit should be a good framework for anybody to learn from. The articles answer few very common questions that one might need to ask to “sharpen business skills”.

Should I keep control of my company?
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