July 21, 2017

Google Adds Blue Markers To Business AdWords

Google has made an addition to its AdWords ads. A blue location marker has been launched in to AdWords as part of the location extension-enabled ads. Now when you check your listings using the AdWords, your listing will be marked with a distinctive blue color location marker (looks like the red location marker pin), making it stand out from other businesses.

The blog post said that “With the new format, we expect potential customers to be able to find local businesses more easily. Rather than seeing multiple addresses and maps on the page, your customers can see all relevant, nearby locations in one place with quick links to get directions on Google Maps. Your promoted business will appear in this new integrated format whenever we infer that a potential customer is looking for local information and your ad qualifies to appear above the search results.”

This said ‘blue location marker’ has been launched outside the United States as well, which is pretty delightful. Now users will find it easier to spot their location extension-enabled ads listing directly on the map.


Navneet Kaushal
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